Make your Lovespoon Special


For best quality we use a Laser Engraver to personalise our spoons.  All the engravable spoons will indicate, individually, what can be engraved.  A nominal charge of £2.00 including VAT will be charge for each spoon to be engraved   However, periodically we operate a promotional discount when the laser engraving will be free of charge

We do not engraver & sign’s.  Date’s are generally engraved in words in three tier principle unless you specify something different and then we will use our discretion if the request is not appropriate.





Free Personalised Ribbons

We now have pre-printed ribbon an amount will be added to the Free Gift Card.

Pease indicate in Special Instructions the ribbon you require one piece of ribbon per spoon

Happy Valentine’s Day (Red),    Penblwyddd Hapus (Gold)

Happy Mother’s Day (Rose Pink),    Happy Father’s Day (Navy Blue),

Happy  Anniversary  (Gold),    On Your Wedding Day (Gold),

Baby Boy (Baby Blue),    Baby Girl (Baby Pink),

Merry Christmas (Red),    Nadolig Llawen (Red)

Gift Box

There are two gift boxes  available to present your spoon (we will use our discretion selecting the most appropriate box) the larger of the two has a dark green outer and a Perspex lid and the smaller of the two is a lighter green with a solid lid.

There is a nominal fee of £2.00 including VAT. However, periodically we operate a promotional discount when the gift box will be free of charge

Gift Card

A Free Gift Card will be provided with each spoon